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Peletico Ltd
Paints, varnishes, gypsum, adhesives, perlite, bentonite, cat litter, plasters
Unicol Chemicals Ltd
Adhesives, varnishes, glues, fillers
Zeiplast Ltd
Adhesives, grouts, gypsum, lime, plasters
Peta Co Ltd
Paint brushes, scrapers, paint rollers, paint mixers
Moustick Products Ltd
Insulating materials, plaster, waterproofing materials
NCI Chemicals Industry Ltd
Paints, roof coating, abrasives
Isopol Ltd
Polystyrene, molded foam products, bean bags
Kerameio Ledra
Bricks, roof tiles
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The Cyprus Trade Centre in London operates under the auspices of the Cyprus Ministry of Energy, Commerce, Industry as the economic and commercial section of the Cyprus High Commission in the United Kingdom. It is one of the thirteen export promotion missions of the Republic of Cyprus abroad.

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Cyprus High Commission Trade Centre  
13 St James's Square 
London SW1Y 4LB

020 7321 4141

020 7321 4169

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